About the Cutting Edge Hair Salon in Redlands

A healthy and happy lifestyle starts with healthy and happy hair at the right hair salon. The right look and feel can give you the lightened and happy attitude that you love to share and long to live. So live longer stronger and stop in for a free consultation. A professional technician will give you the right input and will take stock in the best solution for your needs. We have this attitude because we love our clientele and they love us so every decision is made with your best interest at heart. That is why we strive to be the best hair salon in redlands.

Hair Styling, Advanced Color Techniques, Texture Enhancement and Hair Extensions

The Cutting Edge hair salon in redlands and our stylists offer a wide range of styling talent from the latest trends to classic styling. We provide you with exceptional color techniques as well as hair extension experience. The Staff is more than happy to share their knowledge to keep your hair beautiful and healthy. Our staff is trained to provide customized scalp treatments to ensure health and vitality for your scalp and hair.

Customer Reviews

Julie said on Jul 2, 2012
Just got my hair weaved in a salon. My girlfriend took me to. What a disaster!
Not going all into it, just a really Cheap look ( not cheap price .) Found Cutting Edge Salon. My sister goes there . Went to Paul. He totally knew what to do. Told me Not to worry. And I found my sis was right . This is so the place. And Paul is great. Thanks Paul. Thanks Sis best hair salon in redlands!

Janis said on Jun 11, 2012
I am very impressed how well this salon is run. I recently moved and have spent several weeks finding a new salon. Ambiance was very important and a variety of services. Mostly I was looking for a salon that had continuing training for their stylists. I would highly recommend this hair salon in redlands.

Nancy said on May 31, 2012
I have been a loyal customer for years. Everyone is wonderful, (Barbara, Jimmy, Phyllis and all). Especially Jessica! Have watched them grow due to impeccable service and the warm feeling you get walking in the door. Jessica has styled my hair for years now and everyone asks about who does it? I tell them it is the best color and stylist in town and the Cutting Edge has her! Ask Barbara or Phyllis for Jessica, you can't go wrong. And make sure you get a cup of great tea delivered with a smile.

Rosie Morgan said on Oct 4, 2011
It all really begins with Barbara and Phyllis. These Ladies go the extra mile for you whether it be booking/changing an appointment or preparing you a fabulous beverage it's first class all the way with care and always a smile. Always clean, the layout and decor make you feel warm and at home, not like so many other places that are just sterile, cold and organized such that you feel the entire place is in on your conversation. Besides always being glad to see my awesome stylist Jennifer, everything and everyone at the Cutting Edge hair salon in redlands makes me feel like I belong there----don't rush---hang out----relax and enjoy yourself. Best Salon I've ever been to.

Marie said on Sep 21, 2011
5 Star Treatment for 5 Star clients =) Great Experience. Warm & Friendly, Very Professional. Only complaint if you call it one, they sell AWESOME nick nacks like purses, jewelry, scarfs, nail polish, this & that's and of course hair products...a girl can go bankrupt...LOL =) My stylist was Christopher Reardon, and let me tell you, if he suddenly starts working for a celebrity (yes he's that good) then I will have lost the only man in my life that get's me & MY HAIR...LOL =))

Maria said on Sep 18, 2011
The Cutting Edgehair salon in redlands is a great salon – everyone is always friendly and welcoming. The owner Jimmy has a great business sense – the salon looks awesome! But the reason we don’t mind driving from San Diego is because of Emely. She is an amazing stylist – she takes her time to make sure we have the perfect cut and color. We cannot thank her ENOUGH for her fabulous sense of style, WHAT A TALENT!!! We found our permanent hair dresser! Thank you Emely, keep up the amazing work!!!!

Katie said on Aug 28, 2011
What a beautiful and fun place! Totally different than any place I have ever been. This place wasn't just thrown together . These people Knew what they were doing. They surely raised the bar here. Ambiance, Service , & Talent.
Our hair never looked better! Bravo ! Congrats.! Well Done !

Alex said on Jun 11, 2011
Finally!!! Somebody got it right !!!!! I heard so much about this place I had to go with a girlfriend to see. Wow! Beautiful hair salon in redlands!! What a place. Such a buzz going on . Very busy yet very professional and fun salon. Love the shopping in Lobby,,,, Never seen a salon even close to it. Very much a high-end salon but, the crew here is amazing! Had my hair done with the owner. Jimmy.
actually listened and then cut and fixed my hair Perfectly ! "Thanks Jimmy!!!"
I will definitely be back!


Our Staff of styists:


Manicure and Pedicure

Tish Morse and Delores Bono have vast experience in both Natural Manicure and Pedicure services. They extend our nail care services with the same passion for excellence as we maintain with our product and services. They will make your experience soothing, relaxing and filled with sanitized care.

Ultrasound Cavitation

Ultrasound Cavitation Specialist, Rose Zucchero offers expert advice and professional Ultrasound Cavitation services. Ultrasound Cavitation is a painless procedure which reduces stubborn areas of fat that cannot be removed with excercise and diet alone. Cavitationis a non-surgicanon-invasive, pain free procedure and requires no time to heal. Call for a FREE Consultation.



Dan Scott wraps up your salon experience with the Cutting Edge by providing a pampered spa like visit; He induces a deep sense of relaxation of body and mind. With 10 years experience, he understands that the needs of each individual are unique; customizing several massage techniques such as Deep tissue, Accupressure, and Swedish. He also welcomes you to further indulge with Heated River Stones to Ayurvedic Salt Glow.

Esthetical Services

Our skin professional, Cristy Hrdlicka constantly expands her knowledge with the most current and modern techniques. From chemical peels to a host of facial and body treatments, our staff takes special care with every client. Our staff is trained to design a highly customized treatment schedule for a number of complicated skin conditions and irritations.

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