Manicure and Pedicure

Tish and Delores has vast experience in both Natural Manicure and Pedicure services. They extend to our nail care services the same passion for excellence as we maintain with our product and services. They will make your experience soothing, relaxing and filled with sanitized care.


Diane Valencia wraps up your salon experience with the Cutting Edge by providing a pampered spa like visit; she induces a deep sense of relaxation of body and mind. With 10 years experience, she understands that the needs of each individual are unique; customizing several massage techniques such as Deep tissue, Acupressure, and Swedish. She also welcomes you to further indulge with Heated River Stones to Ayudvedic Salt Glow.

Esthetical Services

Spend some quality time with our skin professional Cristy Hrdlicka. She is constantly expanding her knowledge with the most current and modern techniques, from chemical peels to a host of Facial and body treatments. We care about your skin and health and will treat you with the care you deserve.