Tantra Menu

356, Calle Fortaleza Old San Juan, (787) 977 8141.

All dishes are spice-friendly and have been created to appeal to every palate. For the more adventurous, we have created an incredible great tasting hot sauce, which is also available for purchase by the bottle (check with your waiter for availability). Tantra souvenirs also available for purchase within.


Sesame  Crusted Sushi Tuna,  with garam masala peanut sauce                 12.
Turmeric Ceviche,  spice cured salmon                                                 12.
Tuna Tartar Chat, flat bread crostini                                                     14.
Norri Roll with tandoori chicken over guava-curry sauce                               9.
Garlic Masala shrimps and mofongo                                                          10.
Samosas, (potato empanadillas)                                                                        6.
Latino Tandoori Chicken, pasta de guayaba & mozzarella cheese       8.
Plum Duck Taco, soft-shell tortilla with cheese & Chimichurri sauce    11.        
Cream Of Lentil soup, truffle oil & prosciutto                                             10.
House Chopped Salad                                                                                        9.

 Pizzas(12” thin crust)                           Sides
Tandoori chicken                           16.              White rice                       5.  
Chicken sausage                            16.              Sambar rice                          10.
Lamb pesto                                    18.              Mushroom risotto                12.
Pesto churrasco                                      18.              Kitchidi rice                          10.
Prosciutto & Arugula                 17.              Sauteed fresh veggies                     9.
Spicy shrimp                                   17.              Nan                                3.
Duck confit                                     19.              Roti                                          3.
Fried eggplant                                15.              Parata                                      4.
Mixed veggie                                  15.              Batura                                     3.
Bacalao & Avocado                    19.              Yuca mofongo                        7.
Smoked salmon & goat cheese  19.              Plain dosai                               6.
Spicy shrimp & Smoked salmon 19.              Tomato & onion utappam  10.

Main Courses

Rajma, red kidney beans in a tomato-cilantro sauce                                     11.
Vegetable Curry                                                                                                          12.
Palak Paneer, spinach with Indian spices, fried queso del pais                   14.
Kerala Vegetable Kurma,                                                                               13.
Dhal, yellow lentils in a turmeric garlic-butter sauce                                     13.
Channa Masala, garbanzos in ginger-garlic sauce                               12.
Paneer Makhani                                                                                              15.
Sauteed Eggplant                                                                                            10.
Sambar                                                                                                               10.             
Masala Potatoes                                                                                               10.


Malabar Shrimp Curry                                                                                    18.
South Indian fried shrimps                                                                              17.
Pan- Seared Salmon                                                                                         15.
South Indian Fried Red Snapper                                                                    17.
Camarones (Prawn) Masala, shrimps in tomato-garlic sauce            18.
Chicken Tikka Masala,  in a tomato ginger-garlic sauce                     15.                                                            
Chicken Curry                                                                                                  15.
Chicken Kurma                                                                                        16.
Tandoor Double cut Lamb Chops                                                                  20.
Lamb Curry                                                                                                       19.
Pork Vindaloo                                                                                                   15.
Garlic Churrasco                                                                                              19.
Shrimp Risotto                                                                                                  20.

Chutneys/ Pickle/ Pappads                 3.
 Coconut chutney / Mint Chutney / Mango-Peach chutney / Chimichuri /
Pappads / Raita / Yogurt / Hummus
                                  Flavored Chais                             4.
                  Cardamom/Cinnamon/Masala/Mint or Lemon              

                               18%Service charge will be added for tables with six or more guests
                                      Namaste & Buen Provecho!


Namaste & Buen Provecho!

18%Service charge will be added for tables with six or more guests