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On January 26th, 2012 Google offically started to add Google Street Views of local art galleries across the US to its Google MAPS as part of what is now called the Google MAPS Business View program.

Using the Google Street View technology, local art galleries everywhere have now been generating new business and customers that may not have directly walked into their establishment.

Now approaching 250,000 businesses involved, the Google MAPS Business View has become the most widely used method for new customers to explore a local business when making a purchase choice.

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Artist's Guild - Delray Beach, Fl

1. Schedule An Appointment

A Google MAPS Business View of your gallery must be photographed by your regional Google Certified Photographer. The photographer takes special Street View Images of the inside of your business along with many professional still images of the inside and outside of your business. The photographer then builds a Google Street View Tour of the inside of your gallery and attaches it to your Google+ local business listing.

Once your gallery has been added to the program and your Google+ local listing is connected to Google MAPS this way, your search result real estate in the Google Search Engine will immediately increase and often double.

Also the SEE INSIDE option will now appear in Google Search results and on Google MAPS and will be available on all mobile devices.

Addison Gallery


2. Is there a cost involved ?

You can do this one time to represent the inside of your gallery, or you can update it as many times as you would like per year. There are NO CONTRACTS or long term obligations. You don't even pay a dime to Google. You simply pay the Google Photographer, ( Who is a local artist just like you ), for their time to do the work.

This pricing can vary depending on the size of the gallery space, but generally it can range from $399 for a small gallery to $850 for a larger one. This is only a ONE TIME FEE. You would only pay again if you wanted to update your gallery.


Young at Art Children's Museum


3. Can I use this on my website ?

Yes! After the photographer has finished building your Google MAPS Business View of your gallery the images are uploaded directly to your Google+ local listing and then are shared with you in a special DROP BOX folder that you share online. The Photographer also sends you links, sharing instructions, and an EMBED code so you can easily add this new Google Virtual Tour to your website or share it on your social networking sites.


3. How do I start ?

To get started simply contact your Google Certified Photographer directly. The Google Certified Photographer assigned to your area is:


Christopher Hooper -

Fully Certified Google Trusted Photographer - CERT#US000021



Contact Chris directly at 954-529-8865


You can also request an appointment online by clicking on the "Get Started" button below.