Sustainable Creativity gives graphics arts students and local creative youths, who might otherwise not have a chance, the tools they need to grow in today’s quickly evolving digital media production industry. is a South Florida Digital Media Studio with over 20 years of experience specializing in concept and deployment of highly specialized business tools, with a focus on interactive web/app/vr/ar solutions. We sponsor and employ young creatives and digital media students looking to improve their business skills and we teach them functional business applications in real-world situations.

As a team, we develop attractive and engaging content designed to interact and educate your customers and employees. By delivering to your business a higher quality customer and better-trained employee, we guarantee the highest possible return on investment. For over 20 years has continued the tradition of challenging our teammates with new technology and new business applications. We find ourselves consistently learning new internet trends, strategies, techniques and then applying them to our client’s needs.


Recruited directly by Google and trained in Southern California in February of 2012, we became one of the first Google Maps Fully Certified & Trusted Photographers designated to assist the Google Maps Street View team with the new Google Maps Street View of the inside of businesses. We were tasked with launching the program in Florida and lead the project to success by assisting thousands of businesses across the United States in adding their business to Google Maps Street View. is recognized as one of the TOP DEVELOPERS  assisting in this program and has been awarded Silver, Gold, and Platinum Status … a level of “recognition of service” only obtained by the TOP 1% of all Google Certified and Trusted Photographers World-Wide.

BLUERAVENstudios is now recognized and designated by Google as the official City Partner for the city of Greater Fort Lauderdale, a Google/MyBusiness Trusted Verifier and a LEVEL 10 Local Guide with a viewership of over 194 M Views. We assist small to large businesses who want to use interactive media to increase their revenues and lower their production costs by leveraging an impressive array of powerful and functional digital tools.

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Strong Community Relationships

Building strong and sustainable relationships at local levels.

By working together with City officials and important non-profit organizations such as the GORIVERWALK foundation, BLUERAVENstudios was able to capture then build and construct the first Google Maps Street View of the entire Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk Park, located in downtown Fort Lauderdale. By timing certain captures with key local events, BLUERAVENstudios was able to capture the very essence of what the community surrounding and supporting this important downtown park is all about.


With viewership now over One Million visitors per year, it is one of the most visited online attractions in South Florida.

In support of the local art community, the studio secured a special section of the Riverwalk Park, worked with the brick designation committee and donated several engraved bricks honoring local artists who have passed on, founding what is now called the Musicians and Art Contributors (MAC) Memorial

20 Years of Innovation started in 1996 as a graphic arts studio that gave young local artists a chance to get started in business.

The studio would invite young local artists who were interested in computer-aided graphic arts, and then give them basic business fundamentals by teaching them how to use their creative skills to design and produce products that the business community could apply to their businesses. This elite team of creatives was comprised of the first generation of computer-aided graphics arts students, 3-D animators, and Visual Effects Artists. This combination of graphics skills and business applications gave the team a unique overall perspective of internet designs and digital marketing trends because they were innovating many of them.

Together they invented new ways for people to view Internet content. They built the world’s first “Street View”, an interactive tour of an entire business district. They amazed internet users with the world’s first Internet online “Game Show” using live streaming technology with mobile and programmable cameras. The team then showed businesses how to draw users into your website by introducing 3D content development for web, streamlining internet video production, and innovating new interactive web media development techniques.