Original branded content and organic SEO for smart business

Smart business means getting the best value and ROI that aligns with your agenda. BLUERAVENstudios helps our clients both large and small to develop a comprehensive plan for creating original and engaging content that keeps their brand in front of each unique target audience. By developing relevant original content on a regular basis for our clients, together we develop powerful organic cross-platform SEO that keeps them and their brand in the eco space of their customers. Sticky content such as this keeps the customers interest.


Professional, experienced and efficient production

Lead Video Director, Zachery Matthews, pictured assisting client with audio.

Zack Matthews is one of the fastest growing directors and actors in South Florida. Having been featured in various full length Netflix and Amazon Prime motion pictures, as well as years of commercial video production give Zack a unique perspective and professional eye that proves valuable to our client’s needs. Under his leadership our full staff of production and post-production technicians, develops professionally branded original content that can used across multiple social media platforms. PRICING >

Let us help you develop your plan for powerful social media content,


Develop relationships with your base

Deeper relationships with your customers means a more evolved brand awareness. By creating content that teases the senses of your base you procure an emotional response and your customers develop a feeling of ownership for your brand.

What is your social media agenda? 


Build Relevant & Progressive Content

Develop a deeper brand that penetrates social media networks with a structured focus. Regular relevant content earns the loyalty of your base. Consistently delivering content such as “Live Streaming” events and “Podcasts or new interesting information can lead to a deeper relationship with your desired target. Let us show you how with a free consultation.

Social Media Samples

Every single one of our customers is different. Each of them have a unique story to tell about their product or service. Here are some samples of various social media videos that we have developed for our clients over the years. Take a moment and browse through this playlist. We hope it will give you some ideas of your own about how we can help you tell your unique story.