Welcome to the Future! We’ll Get You Mobile

We have been in the Internet business almost since it’s inception. Since 1996 we have watched every trend and technique of Internet marketing come and go.

… and now we only have one word for you ….


2006 saw the first time that Mobile Searches actually surpassed regular computer searches. Now, there are over 1.2 billion mobile web users worldwide, a number that continues to rise. This means that users are now using their mobile devices to browse the internet and make buying decisions more than any other internet vehicle …. even desktops!

In April of 2015 Google announced what is today called Mobilegeddon. What that means is that if your website is not “Mobile Friendly”, your business will continue to be pushed down the search results to make room for your competitors who are.

BLUERAVENstudios.com has your back. We are experts at building responsive “Mobile Friendly” websites, content, and interactive Apps for Apple OS and for Android and have developed these for the likes of Atlantis Resort Bahamas, SIXT Rent a Car, and Ulysse Nardin, just to name a few…. Tell us about your idea, campaign or event and we’ll help make it a reality.[/vc_column_text]