Museum of Discovery and Science surpasses 1.7 MILLION VIEWS

We value ALL of our partnerships and client relationships but every once in a while you stumble on an exciting success story. Fort Lauderdale is home to one of South Florida’s most beloved attractions the Museum of Discovery and Science, (MODS). The museum has long been a beacon of interaction and family fun and so naturally one of the first partners we approached when we brought the Google Maps Street View program to South Florida was this icon of the community. With the help of their team, we developed a comprehensive Google Maps Street View tour of the entire museum including all of the exhibits and museum features.

This January of 2019 the Museum of Discovery and Science officially surpassed 1.7 MILLION Views making it one of the most successful Google Maps Street Views of an attraction here in South Florida. This extremely high visitation metrics can be attributed to the ease of access to the tour and the implementation of the VR Content into the MODS mobile App and website.

The museum also uses the Google Maps Street View tour to increase sales revenues created through venue bookings as well as reduce the time spent in actual customer interactions. By answering some of the most basic questions with the use of the interactive tour the Museum, in turn, improved cost savings and improved overall ROI.