launches VR Headset Apps

The coming of spring this 2016 saw the introduction of the long awaited Oculus Rift VR Experience, Valve and HTC’s Vive, and Sony PlayStation VR to a market that has already wet its lips with the likes of Google Cardboard and Samsung VR Gear. Consumers are poised for quite a ride as developers scramble to create quality content for these viewers. One of the largest hurdles that developers face is how to use the experience in an effective way and show ROI on a product like a VR App. accomplished this by combining the mobility and versatility of a handheld device with the power of high quality interactive virtual tours into one highly responsive and powerful App.



Users can download the App directly from the iTunes App Store or Google Play store onto their mobile device. The device can then be inserted into any Google Cardboard or VR Compatible Headset for a completely immersive Virtual Tour experience from any point of view of a 60 ft Cantius Luxury Motor Yacht.

Check out the VR CANTIUS 60 App for yourself.

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