Improve your mobile search immediately with this simple step.

Your Business is important to you. It is equally important that your customers are able to find you easily and when they do it is imperative that the information displayed be complete and accurate.

Google knows this…

In fact Google has known it for a long time. Through extensive research Google found that not only were mobile searches quickly overtaking regular desktop computer searches…. but when a user is looking for a local business they use Google Maps more than any other search tool to find a local business that is within the users proximity. So Google decided to put emphasis on the businesses listed in Google Maps and within the maps database.

The more complete your business listing is within this Google Maps database, then the better the business performs on Search results for Google Maps.

(… it’s really that simple )

So here is your TIP ….. Complete your business profile on Google Maps NOW


Make sure your information is correct and manage your listing properly.

One of the more important steps is completing your profile with Google Imagery. This is a very simple process and DOES NOT cost a lot of money …. but very important.

To do this you need to add what is called a Google Maps Street View of your business to your profile.

This will include a Google Street View Trusted photographer coming to your business and taking certain special photos of the business that are required for the Google Maps listing. These special images can ONLY be taken by this Fully Certified Google Trusted Photographer to work properly. They cannot be taken by the business owner or a webmaster. One of the reasons is because this Google Photographer. has access to a special “Back-end” of Google Maps that the general public does not have access to. Once your business imagery is uploaded through this special access portal by the Google Street View Trusted Photographer, then 3it directly connects to your business profile and completes the imagery requirement.

Use the Force!

When the Google Maps Street View Trusted Photographer is there, I suggest making the best use of their time. Not only do they use a special Street View camera to capture the inside of the business in Google Maps Street View, but then they also take professional still photos of the inside, outside, products and services of the business. If you take some time to set your business up right, you can really sell your services and improve your Google Imagery on Google Maps and in mobile searches.

In addition the google Maps Street View Trusted photographer has other tools with them that can be very helpful. If the Google Maps Street View Trusted Photographer is what is considered “An Ambassador” to Google’s important “Let’s get our Cities on the Map” program, then they have a special App that they can use to instantly verify key changes in the business listing. Any business owner who has tried to make changes on Google Maps knows that this is something that can takes weeks if you follow the normal Google chain of command for Maps edits.

On top of that, the Google Maps Street View Trusted photographer has been specially trained by Google Maps to be an expert at managing and maintaining a Google Maps Business listing. If you ask when they are there they will show you how to use the Google Maps Business Listing Portal at This portal directly accesses the Google Maps Database and is the most powerful method to managing your Google Maps Business Listing.

All of this is really not expensive at all. The cost is determined by the Google Maps Street View Trusted photographer when he or she contacts you. They will pull you up in the Google Maps database to determine the size of your business. Then you pay a one time fee to have the photographer come out to the business location. It can be a small flower shop or a national chain with multiple locations it does not matter. There is a photographer for every region of the US and all major metropolitan areas are well represented.

You can speak directly to one of these Google Maps Street View Trusted photographers and get as much information as you want by calling the Toll Free Customer Service number HERE > 1-888-899-5322

Or you can request information by email by using the back-end appointment request form HERE > REQUEST APPOINTMENT WITH GOOGLE TRUSTED PHOTOGRAPHER