BLUERAVENstudios welcomes Google Maps Street View Photographers first pioneered the “Street View” in 1997 when they developed the worlds first interactive virtual tour of an entire shopping region. We used cameras to capture the entire length of the prestigious Las Olas Boulevard of Fort Lauderdale and developed a way for users to click on their screen and virtually “Walk” down the street… while at any point the user could pan to either side and go directly into the store website.

In 2001 the Stanford CityBlock project started and in 2006 was brought to a close as Google unveiled its new Google Maps Street View program.┬áIn 2012 Google Announced the launch of what was then called the Google Innerspace program. It was a program designed to bring the visitor experience to end users through the technology of Virtual Reality photography and interactive virtual tours. In 2012 Google Maps contacted to assist in the creation of this new “Street View inside of a business” program in Florida as they pioneered the new idea. This was a tremendous success and today we are proud to not only have brought this exciting new program to the beautiful area of South Florida, but to have literally helped thousands of businesses now improve their online presence with the power of Virtual Reality and Google Maps Street View.

Now in 2016 we have expanded our network of Fully Certified Google Trusted Photographers to include all 50 States in the US. with over 800 Google Certified photographers in our network we are capable of servicing any customer anywhere in the Continental US with high quality Google Maps Street View virtual tours of their business.


Time and time again we have continually been awarded with the highest honor of Silver, Gold, and Platinum Provider Awards and have been recognized as on of Google Maps Street View’s TOP developers 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

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