Internet Pioneers

Enter Task :

Create a new and different way for a luxury motor yacht manufacturer to create excitement about their brand to increase sales.



A Virtual Reality Headset App that transports visitors into a Luxury Motor Yacht

So our team of Internet Cowboys and Pioneers created an App that works with ALL mobile devices and phones … and is Google VR Cardboard and VR Headset compatible. Users can download the App to their phone and then insert their mobile device into any standard Google Cardboard or VR Compatible headset and experience the interior of this luxurious Motor Yacht in complete immersive virtual reality.

By creating a completely immersive experience like this we easily recruited end-users to market the product through viral marketing. Users downloaded, shared, and passed the App along to up to 10 of their associates increasing the target base by 3000%. Buyers were reached and so were their network as they quickly shared this new and innovative tool with their counterparts, (virtually an unreachable and untapped resource of customers).

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