Death of the Desktop

Now with the launch of the ever anticipated iPad3 the mobile browsing market share is continuing to grow at lighting speed. It is estimated that by the year 2016 a third of all adults in the United States will be using tablets as opposed to desktop computers, and it is being heralded as the beginning of the end for desktop computing.

While Desktop computers are in little danger of disappearing completely from the workplace, they have been replacing home computing at a staggering rate. In 2011 it was measured that over 30% of all Internet browsing was done from mobile devices, and this number was growing. What does that mean to you the business owner? It means that you need to pay attention to this.

The business owner that prepares ahead of time and caters to this mobile market will out maneuver their competition and win a new breed of business. Users are now making reservations on their phones, buying merchandise on their tablets, and browsing the web on an army of mobile and smart devices. One of the most important mobile games no download details about this recently developing trend is the age old iPhone and iPad vs. Android tablets. It used to be that the iPad dominated the market with Steve Jobs steadily jamming the Apple products down the consumers throats, but with the introduction of the very popular Amazon Kindle Fire that lead has been diminishing.

It is important thought to still pay attention to these mobile devices limitations. Although all Android devices can see the Adobe FLASH player it is still a sharp limitation of the Apple line. This means that anyone who is using these devices, cannot see any website that is built with the FLASH player. Businesses that do not pay attention to this important noteworthy difference will lose business to a competitor who does.