What’s up Mini Doc ??

In today”s world there is no more room for the “sales Video”. These archaic in your face car salesmen approaches have fallen by the wayside and have now been replaced with the Mini documentary. These detailed looks into a company or service offers a unique look at the inner workings of a vendor without being overly obvious while defining the company”s service or product and insulting your visitor with simple infomercial tactics.

The power of the Mini Doc is that it humanizes your business, draws the viewer in with genuine interest and factual explanations all while giving them a behind the scenes feel so they can better understand and identify with you. Sometimes they can be comical, dramatic, or technical but they are always guaranteed to keep a visitor longer while you explain your case.

In 2010 a study was done on length of views and comprehension of material by the Resort and Destination Market Report and it was discovered that viewers who were shown a quality informative and entertaining video scored higher on their comprehension and recollection of material.

This translates into more business and a loyal customer. If you are thinking about developing a detailed explanation of your product or services, you should seriously consider taking this route.